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Welcome to Children | Fuse Ministry
Welcome to Children | Fuse Ministry

Anniston First is a place where our young ones can develop a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. They have fun together, discovering God’s word while enjoying biblical-based activities and lessons. We have an awesome team of caring leaders that are background checked and safe sanctuary trained, as safety is a top priority. In hopes to help them grow spiritually as they continue on their faith journey, our leaders strive to provide positive and fun learning experiences for all young ones.

When a plain cardboard box can be imagined to be full of Hope, Peace, Joy, Love, and Light, anything can happen.

Emmalie Whitney, our Children’s Director, leads our FUSE kids as they explore the possibilities of a box with their presentation of ‘House the Holy: No Room in the Inn.’

Our Children’s Director

Emmalie Whitney

Executive Director, Family & Children Ministry