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Every Sunday, we blend together traditional and contemporary music in our worship service.  Our children, youth, and adult choirs sing classic and contemporary music. Our band, hand-bells, flute ensemble, and talented other musicians share their gifts to enhance worship during the year. We celebrate the Church Seasons and Holy Communion on the first Sunday of each month. Although we sometimes worship in the Bridge–because our souls crave beauty–our primary worship space is our Sanctuary beautifully adorned with a magnificent stained glass window as well as monitors, which incorporate contemporary worship components.  We also provide Children’s Church in our Chapel in conjunction with 10:00 AM worship. Regardless of your attire, our hope is the convergence of both traditional and contemporary elements of worship will create a worshipful space where you can experience the life-changing grace of Jesus Christ with a spirit of reverence and awe. Whether you wear jeans and t-shirts, or dresses, coats, and ties, you are welcome here!

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