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Our newest addition this Spring


Lucy Sophia Bryan or “Lucy Goose,” as she was called by those who loved her dearly, was the daughter of AFUMC Associate Pastor Kyle Bryan and his wife Leann. Lucy was a fierce and vivacious child full of spunk, sass, and humorous one-liners like “awe, nuts.” She was exceedingly bright—practically bursting from the womb using complete sentences. Talking everyone’s ears off incessantly, she quickly earned her reputation as a “chatty Cathy.” If there was a puzzle to be pieced together; a sidewalk chalk masterpiece to be drawn; bubbles to be blown; “arts and craps” to be created; an original song to be sung, or a “squeezy hug” to be given, Lucy was up to the task. She was always about the business of play and was never hesitant to share her thoughts and opinions with whomever she thought needed to hear them. Lucy loved creation. She nurtured several caterpillars she received for her 3rd birthday into beautiful butterflies just a few months before she was killed. During warmer months she and her brother Ashley enjoyed visiting with a whole family of frogs residing outside her home. 


One of Lucy’s favorite activities was enjoying playgrounds and parks. Without missing a beat, Lucy would ensure that her parents were aware of every park and playground that she spotted while riding in the car. To memorialize Lucy and her love of playgrounds, Kyle and Leann Bryan created the Lucy Bryan Memorial Fund at Anniston First United Methodist Church to construct a playground reflecting her vivacious personality. Phase 1 of the playground was completed in Spring 2021, and the installment of Phase 2 is anticipated for Spring 2022. The Bryan’s hope Lucy’s Playground will bless her friends, classmates at The Children’s Place Daycare and Preschool, and countless children in the community for years to come.

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