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I have been a member of Anniston First for just over 30 years, I have personally participated in this church's transformation into the one we have today. The church has become a place of worship for a variety of different people. Through numerous different outreach services, AF has managed to become heavily involved in so many different cultures and opened their doors to many different people. Watching this church transform has meant so much to me, but being a part of it has meant even more. As the church has grown, I have also grown in my faith. I have developed, along with AF, a better understanding of today’s world and how to embrace it. In opening my heart to the type of acceptance that I have learned from the church, I have broadened my understanding of faith. I have gained more from the many different sermon series that are offered and been able to walk away on Sunday morning with my eyes opened from the messages I have received. As a congregation, we know that we are not only being led on Sunday morning, but learning how to lead ourselves and those in need, in faith, and in life. With such diverse groups to be a part of, I have found some of my closest and dearest friends. Anniston First led me to my Sunday school class as well as Lydia circle and many other groups through the years. With every group, I have gained another piece of an amazing support system. I feel that my Church has given me opportunities for leadership, fellowship and purpose, and many wonderful memories.

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